Black Angel

Erotic massage salon

Plunge into the most unexplored and intimate kind of relaxation with erotic massage services
салон эротического массажа
Unforgettable impressions and emotions
are here, which means you are looking for vivid, colorful impressions and unforgettable emotions. All this and even more, you are guaranteed to receive in our new Black Angel erotic massage salon, which has no analogues and competition in Odessa.
We invite you to plunge into the most unexplored and intimate form of relaxation with erotic massage services.
YOU will be surprised
Surprising a modern person is not an easy task, because he is sophisticated in many areas of life, including the areas of pleasure. Sooner or later, we satisfy all our physical needs and strive for something new. We are eager to connect the spiritual and physical worlds in order to fill our life with vivid impressions and emotions unknown until this moment.
салон эротического массажа для мужчин
YOU will be understood
Our adorable girls are flirtatious and relaxed, there are no topics that you can't talk to.

We give a full guarantee that any of your secrets and imaginations will remain only between us.
салон эротического массажа для девушек


Our girls
waiting to see

blackangel - салон эротического массажа
Салон эротического массажа - blackangel
We provide a choice and additions

to any of the programs
"Secret desire" 60 min
1 girl
- Relaxing full body massage
- Body massage
- 1 relaxation
- 1100
«Strawberry Kiss» 100 minutes
1 girl
- Body massage
- Berry kisses on the body
- 2 relaxation
- 2200

«VIP - personn» 120 min
1 girl
- 7 add-ons to choose from
- Alcohol or hookah as a gift
- 5600
"man's hands" 60 min
- Massage from him

- 1500
"Massage for two" 60 min
- 3000
About us

We welcome YOU to society
true connoisseurs of sensual pleasures

At our guest you can forget about all your worries. It's so nice to plunge into the gentle and warm hands of our girls (and boys).

Let me tell you how it will be.

A charming administrator girl will guide you through the world of true leisurely pleasure. Where will treat you with hot herbal tea or aromatic coffee. During the conversation, he will tell you in detail about our services and answer all your questions. After that, our delightful girls will join you, having met, you can choose one, or maybe not one, with which you will plunge into the world of bliss, romance and sensual pleasure.

All your sacraments will take place in a separate room with an interior suitable for a special atmosphere, relaxing music and burning candles. Of course, to feel light and comfortable, you can take a hot shower accompanied by a girl with a personal disposable hygiene kit and two soft, clean towels.

At the end of the program, the same charming administrator, already familiar to you, will be waiting for you in the guest room. You can share your impressions with her and make your suggestions (we will gladly take into account any).

You can also use the services of the bar and smoke a hookah ...

So how did you like it?



blackangel - салон эротического массажа
Салон эротического массажа - blackangel